2006 01 04 The 2006 Quadrantids

The Quadrantid meteor shower is the first major shower of the new year. More importantly the shower is  a strong and reliable performer. It also happens to be one of the least observed stream of the major showers as early January usually produces low overcasting clouds whether you live in Asia, Europe or North America.

Unlike visual and video observers the low clouds and snow are no problem for radio observers. As the Quadrantid shower echo rates started increasing in West Kelowna, I started watching the live radio page at the RMOB site. I also visited the Japanese sites as well.

By observing these sites I could watch as the echo counts decreased in Europe as the radiant dipped downward, my numbers were on the increase. As mine were peaking the Japanese started seeing the radiant. As my data was taking hits from long duration, overdense echoes I made a note to see if I could make sense of the Quadrantid shower over both geographical space and through time.

I submitted my the results of my analysis to the editor of the WGN, the Journal of the International Meteor Organization. After being reviewed by others it was published. You can download a copy of the paper here.



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