Dominion Astrophysical Observatory


Dave Balam will be editing this page soon.  In the mean time he sent some images representing the current all-sky time lapse camera at the DAO. A Sentinel unit will be added once Sid is available to install it.

Dave does have some images that show the capabilities of their current all-sky camera. The camera is on line an updated every minute at:


A mosaic_2009_10_24 – an 8 hour stretch (1 hour per individual stack) of the sky on 2009 Oct. 24/25. The objects marked with blue boxes are meteor trails.


Image: meteor_100217 – a meteor trail seen through the clouds before dawn on 2010 Feb 17.


Image: meteor_2009_10_25_01_24_13 – a bright meteor trail from 2009 Oct. 25

More to come in the weeks to follow.