2009 09 24 Kelowna-Yarrow Fireball

On the morning of the 24th of September I (Jeff) reported the following event to the BCMN list:

It occurred on September 24, at 09:56 UT which puts it at 02:56 PDT. It was very low on my SSW horizon. It was very slow moving with several bursts.

I then wrote Alan Hildebrand, and sent on the same information and asked him if he had any reports other than mine. He said not yet. I then sent him the movie of the bolide, a composite still picture of it and a light curve of the event. It seems most of my fireballs are low on my horizon so not that spectacular looking compared to a near zenith event.



Here is the light output graph; the total amplitude is the summation of all pixels above the triggering threshold.

Light Graph of the bolide


Ken Tapping, who would have a better view of it since his camera is south of mine reported back that he could not check his camera because he is out of town. No one else in our group recorded it. The terminal burst looked like it might have had a chance to be recorded by infrasound. I inquired Kris Walker and asked it was heard on the USArray infrasound array. He replied it had not.

Alan reported the fireball to the MIAC group and noted on human visual sighting from a person in Yarrow (west of Chilliwack), B.C. The report stated:

Yarrow BC
V2R 5C5
phone_home: 604-328-2864
date: 24/09/09
time: 02:50:00 am
cloud: none
latitude: 49.04585724220807
location: Just an estimate. It appeared to have landed in this mountain range.
longitude: -122.05484390258789
duration: 3
speed: Fast
flares: White ball with a colored centre. Large stadium sized bright dome of light on impact
colour: White
train: Yes, 0.5 sec
sound: Sharp
stime: 2

Note: The data folder is in the video data download category for West Kelowna/Sandia/2009_09




2009 11 08 Prince George Fireball

On November 8, 2009, Wayne, at RDL Observatory, reported a capture of a bright fireball to our network. He told us:

Late night capture, direction of travel westward. Event seen at Telkwa BC. UFO analyzer places impact area some where in the Terrace / Telkwa area but calibration of ufo analyzer is uncertain.  Witness at Telkwa said phosphor like drops falling between him and hill 1 mile to his north.  No Sound heard. enjoy

Wayne sent a movie of the event to the BCMN group. You can view it here:


Upon receipt of Wayne’s report Brower wrote Alan Hildebrand, Coordinator of the Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre, and asked if he was getting any additional reports of the event. He said he had not heard of the event.

In between e-mails Hildebrand checked back in his mail and found the alert Wayne had sent earlier. (It’s always  good to follow up if you don’t hear back).

CBC carried and article the next day. You can view the article by clicking here.

On November 9th Hidlebrand (personal communication to Brower) summarized to the MIAC group. The fireball was:

  1. Seen widely.
  2. It caused explosive booms and cast ground shadows.
  3. He estimated the fireball to be in the  -17 to -18 magnitude range.
  4. Estimate ‘conservatively in 100 kg to 1 tonne order of magnitude’.
  5. Had an east to west motion (and apparently some south to north and at least modestly steep) which would be reasonable for prefall orbits.
  6. Was probably a meteorite dropper.

No other BCMN camera recorded the fireball.


2008 09 09 The SPE Outbreak

As the sun was about to rise on September 9, 2008 an unpredicted outbreak of the September Perseid shower occurred.

Jeff, at the West Kelowna site, checked his overnight Sentinel video captures and quickly noted an unusual cluster of fireballs. Below is a composite image of of the outbreak.

Brower notified Dr. Peter Jenniskens of the large number of fireballs via e-mail. Jenniskens then sent inquiries to other observers to confirm the outbreak. Almost simultaneously reports of the outbreak started coming in on various meteor forums . As soon as Jenniskens received supporting information he issued a telegram, CBET 1501, as shown below.

CBET 1501 SPE 2008


2008 02 19 PNW Bolide

On February 19, 2008 at 13:30 UT, a large fireball entered the earth’s upper atmosphere. Visual reports of the bolide started streaming in at police stations and television stations. A regional airline pilot filed a report of a possible aircraft going down over western Washington.

At 13:30:59 UT the West Kelowna Sentinel all-sky camera caught was triggered by a extremely bright bolide. The video showed the bolide moving slowly downward towards my southeastern horizon. It disappeared behind the mountains across the Okanagan Lake. Despite being below my horizon behind the mountain range the sky pulsed with light as the bolide went through several terminal bursts as can be seen by the total amplitude light curve produced by the Sentinel camera:


A look at the total number of pixels above the triggering threshold shows most of the light was released during it’s terminal flares.

Total Pixels graph

The graphs as well as the movie was sent to Dr. Alan Hildebrand, Coordinator of the Canadian Fireball Reporting Centre, University of Calgary.