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Who are We?

Volunteers : Jeff Brower/Rick Nowell/Bill Smith

Phone (09:00 – 23:00) : +1-250-598-6692
Email:Jeff Brower
Website Email: William E. Smith


We’re a loose group of amateurs who either run the Sentinel system or a radio detection system or both.

We communicate via emails when we see a bright fireball and did a quick poll that way.

We’d write “Did you see it at ##:## UT on sic and such date?”. Then wait for the other stations to say yes or no. We are not an organization, a club, or society.

We are a loose confederation/network of cameras operators and radio operators.

Bill and Glen started the educational outreach project on their own and that’s when Jeff decided to throw a web together, to assist them by providing an example of what school boards could do for their teachers and kids. I think this is a very worthy project and would like the website to be part of our ‘mission’.

When Sandia Labs changed to the latest system, WSentinel, they added the capability to rsync our captures to NMSU for display.

Some of our members do not participate with the NMSU side of it or they stayed with their old frame grabber system so they can not send data to NMSU.

Hopefully Bill Cooke will let us start sending data to the fireball site but so far we after Ed and I asked to join the asgard network.

Right now Ed and my asgard data are stacking up in isolation on our hard drives.

Once Ed and I through the vetting process we will be sending data directly to the nasa fireball web site.

At that time we’re going to try and get the other camera operators to join us with asgard so we can produce meaningful data for NASA and IMO and AMS.

We have just gone operational with ASGARD. We plan to stream our captures to our site but that’s down the road.

Jeff Brower/Rick Nowell

Phone: +1-250-598-6692
Email:Jeff Brower
Website Email: William E. Smith