New Central Meteor Camera Site

The BC Meteor network stations routinely upload our meteor videos to a central North American gathering site, where they are displayed for the public for about a month before being archived.

Previously that was the New Mexico State University Allsky Camera site in Las Cruces, NM. (Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering) at There they store the videos sorted by regions (which they call clusters and nodes) and match events common to multiple stations. However last year their grant ran out from the Sandia National Laboratory and the National Nuclear Security Administration of the Dept. Of Energy. They have been doing it for free until a new site takes over.

The new site is run by Space Coast Intelligent Solutions (SCIS) Melbourne, FL at (in transition from NMSU). The site is already working, and shows cluster events seen from multiple cameras, and that will grow as more cameras transition. The NMSU server will be shut down once all the cameras that were online there have been transitioned to

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