ABMO General Information

The Archambeau-Brower Memorial Observatory in West Kelowna

Lat 49.84695 N Long 119.55908 W

Welcome to the Archambeau-Brower Memorial Observatory located in West Kelowna. The observatory employs both a radio and video systems for the detection of meteors.

In addition to the meteor gear the observatory also has a Meade LX200, 0.254 meter Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope that operates in a robot mode.

To view the my radio page please click here.

To view the my video page please click here.

My live home weather station data can be found here.

Astronomy weather forecast for this observatory:

Current status at ABMO
Radio Detection is ON
Video Detection is armed for Sunset + 25 minutes to sunrise - 25 minutes
LX200 Robot is OFF

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