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Final Minutes of the Kaslo Meteor

From: susan snead
Sent: Friday, September 8, 2017 8:30 PM
To: Nowell, Rick
Subject: Re: Fireball over Kaslo-Nelson Monday Sep 4 at 10:11pm Pacific time


Hi Rick,

According to a friend who saw it first hand the meteor broke off into 3 pieces as it flew over Crawford bay.

She and a friend went to the look for one piece around our transfer station.

I think some of it landed or burnt out in Meadow creek at the top of Kootenay Lake.

She said there was so much electricity in the air that the hair on her arms were standing up.

Take care



Electric Universe Theoryis electric (hair raising) atmosphere a common observation at the site of a meteorite landing?


Electric fields--there is a theory that the meteor shorts out the E-layer of the ionosphere at 100 to 125 km altitude.  It's charged to about 250 kV.  A big meteor streaks down through that to 30km, and it's ionized trail allows a discharge of around 20 coulombs of charge to hit the ground there.

In fact, another theory says this sudden surge in electric field can cause noises to occur in leaves or conductive items nearby (like frames of eye-glasses or fine hair).  So people can instantly hear rustles or crackles from a meteor 40km away, instead of having to wait for the speed of sound to conduct the sonic boom to them two minutes later (at 0.33 km/second).

I have one security guard here at the college who claims he heard that meteor instantly during the flash.  Me I didn't hear it in my car, and my microphone on my dashcam didn't hear it.


Rick Nowell