Comet ISON – Material for Students

In celebration of this event (hyperbolic, sun-grazer) which occurs only once or twice a century, I have put together a FREE eBook called “COMET ISON”. It presents some unique perspectives which should give students a broader understanding of COMETS and especially these rarer HYPERBOLIC sun-grazing comets like ISON.

In Summary, the material is freely offered for students to use in any papers they are writing.

The FREE eBook asks 9 basic questions :  

  1. Is ISON a long period comet on a hyperbolic orbit?
  2. Is ISON from the Milky Way Galaxy whereas typical short period comets like Halley, are from the Sagittarius Galaxy like our sun (+ its planets, comets and asteroids)?
  3. Will ISON explode and generate the most amazing tail visible to the naked eye in December and January? (28 Nov 2013 – looks like it has disintegrated). No sign yet of material coming round the Sun. 
  4. Will particles be blown on the solar wind to Earth and affect satellite communications or the Northern Lights? 
  5. Will ISON deliver to Earth’s atmosphere a set of new viruses and bacteria as predicted by the Panspermia Hypothesis? 
  6. Are massive hyperbolic exocomets like ISON the source of the earth’s water? 
  7. How lucky are we that earth was not on the trajectory of ISON? 
  8. Will we ever be able to detect, track and divert such hyperbolic comets?
  9. What experiments are planned over the next 2-12 months? Detection of complex molecules (even life itself?)

Click here to download and enjoy this FREE eBook.

William E. Smith November 2013

It is made available under the “Creative Commons” philosophy.