2017-9-4 : Kelowna Meteor – by Rick Nowell

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The Cranbrook College of the Rockies meteor camera tracked last night’s fireball high over Nelson and Kootenay Lake.

Allsky video

It lasted for about ten seconds, from 05:11:26 until 05:11:37 UT.  For a brightness comparison, note the full Moon in the lower left part of the video is totally out shone by the fireball when it flares.  There is no sign of the fireball breaking up and exploding.

This video movie m20170905_051126_000.mp4, is taken with a fisheye lens that sees all the sky.  North is directly up, East to the left, West to the right, and South below.

There is also video there (MeteorCranbrook_20170904_221017.mov) from my dash cam showing the fireball flash as seen from Cranbrook,BC. (showing only the flash, which is not as spectacular, lighting up the smoke haze).

Attached find a google map of the Kaslo, Meadow Creek, BC area.


The American Meteor Society estimates it terminated over Meadow Creek, BC.  (Meadow Creek is 30km North of Kaslo along Kootenay Lake, or about 70km North of Nelson)

More than 90 fireball reports from 6 states (CA and USA)
The AMS has received over 90 reports so far about of a fireball event seen above the state of British Columbia (Canada) on September 4th, 2017 around 10:14pm PDT (September 5th, 2017 ~ 05:14 Universal Time). The fireball was seen primarily from British Columbia but was also seen from Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as from Washington, Idaho and Montana. According to our latest estimated trajectory, the fireball traveled in a southeast to northwest direction entering the atmosphere near the small city of Boswell and terminating near Meadow Creek, British Columbia.

Excerpt from https://www.amsmeteors.org/2017/09/british-columbia-fireball-september-4th-2017/



The American Meteor Society site has reports from Bowen Island BC, Spokane Washington, Calgary Alberta, Claresholm, Alberta,  Vanscoy Saskatchewan, Post Falls Idaho, Creston BC, Nelson BC, Troy Montana etc.



I caught the fireball flash on my dash cam in Cranbrook at 11:11pm MDT.  Here’s a couple of frames taken from Cranbrook by King Street, looking West, before and after.  You can see the “CRANBROOK” sign lit up by the flash on the left.  I didn’t hear any thunder in Cranbrook.  Looks like it fell around Creston or Nelson.  People report hearing a sonic boom in Creston, and it rattled the windows in Nelson and Riondel.


(Note my dashcam clock is on Pacific time, says 22:10; which is 23:11 MDT, since it’s a minute slow).  So UT that would be Sep 5 at 05:11.



Susan from Riondel, BC mentioned “There was a tremendous flash, an bright orange and yellow ball, then about 30 seconds later a continuous loud rumbling noise.  The sound lasted a long time, and the ground shook.”  For a second she thought it might be the North Koreans sending an atomic bomb, it was that loud.


Rick Nowell

Astronomy Lab Tech

College of the Rockies

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