2017-9-4 : Bright flash due east of Kelowna BC

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Jeff Swayze

At approximately 10:15 PM pacific time I witnessed a bright flash due east of kelowna BC. I assume it was dry lightning, so I posted on facebook if anyone in my area had witnessed the flash. A local friend reported a similar post from one of their friends in Nelson BC at the same moment. I then assumed it could only be a meteor impact with the ionosphere for such a bright flash to occur and not repeat as with dry lightning. I assume more reports will follow.

Jeff Swayze
Kelowna BC


Hi just found your website after seeing the whole sky light up south to north over Nelson BC and then 3 min later heard a huge explosion and felt my house rumble!!! It is a smokey but clear night. Wondering if you have any info about this? Craziest thing I’ve seen and felt!!! Cheers, let me know.



Kevin Skrepnek @KevinSkrepnek

Well, that was different: while sitting on a patio in #NelsonBC the entire sky lit up and a meteorite came down. Huge boom about 1m later.

  7 hours ago

I saw a bright green fireball over Bowden area near Red Deer AB.

  6 hours ago

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I seen the meteorite in Calgary at 11:20 p.m. last night. It happened so fast that I could not get a picture of it.

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