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Re: AllSky Camera

Dear Bill,

I was planning to contact you and Rick, once I have completed our All-Sky camera fabrication process .Yesterday meeting was very successful and Prof Chandra and I  discussed a lot regarding current situation  of meteor Astronomy.We are very close to complete our camera and here are some new features we added to our unit.

  • The Unit will consist of two cameras one optimized for imaging at night and other for day time.
  • All cameras will be synchronized to increase accuracy of trajectory calculation.
  • Data will be uploaded to a server and a backup will be saved in the Unit.

We have tested many versions of the Unit and currently in All-Sky camera 6.0 stage(This is our sixth version).Tested versions showed that internal temperature of the Unit will be around 70 C during day time.Therefor special weather resistant casing was designed.I would like to know techniques used in All-Sky cameras used by BC meteors to shield it from heat and rain.


With Regards,

Dear Subath : I am delighted you are moving forward so strongly and that our trust in your capabilities has been confirmed.

I recommend you look at the many images and webpages on the website.

You will see the kind of creative shielding the various people have used in BC, Canada.

 I have cc’d Rick (who you know) and Ed Majden (see his recent report and links to his construction). I am sure they will take a few minutes to guide you (FYI – Subath is studying at the University of Ruhuna in Matara on the southern most tip of Sri Lanka.

 Everyone should search on “Ruhuna” on to remember that exciting event NASA called WT1190F

Please cc me on your various communications. We have a new FORUM area on the website I’d like to see people adopt. So I have set up a FORUM for your project.