2008 02 19 PNW Bolide

Total Amp


Since the bolide was large enough and slow enough to be a potential meteorite producer a hand held compass was held over the lens of the camera and a bearing shot to a landmark in the image. Brower’s best estimation was 166 degrees true.

first bearing form YLW

Later in the morning Alan Hildebrand informed me that another all sky camera, located near Calgary, Alberta, caught the event low on its horizon. By noon TV stations is Vancouver, Calgary, Spokane and Seattle were running video footage from the West Kelowna Sentinel camera as well as a much better video of the terminal burst caught on a security camera at an Idaho Air National Guard base (copyright AP and Idaho National Air Guard 20080).

I did a crude plot of the bearings and came up with the following map.


Hildebrand coordinated the data collection and determined the most likely fall site was in the northeastern part of Oregon in the mountain wilderness area. A week later the bolide sighting was old news.


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